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I Took The Handmade Pledge

Welcome to Wise Daughters

It is with sadness that I must announce the closure of Wise Daughters.

Saturday, March 29th was the last day the shop is open for business.

On a positive note, LadeeBee Supplies, Wise Daughters' downstairs neighbour for the past year, has taken over both levels, filling the space with more marvelous yarn and other supplies. LadeeBee has also taken over and expanded programming, so you can keep your creative juices flowing with craft workshops at this location. Visit for all the details.

Over the past five years, I've achieved all but one of the goals I set when I opened this business, including:

  • providing a small but important income to about 100 different artists per year (over 5 years, close to $250,000 has gone to local handmakers and workshop instructors)
  • keeping money in the community by using only local businesses for everything from retail supplies to printing to window cleaning, and by advertising in local papers
  • maintaining a low carbon footprint; because all the products are made in Southern Ontario (the furthest they travel is from Essex or Kingston via Canada Post; most are delivered by the artists, often by TCC or bicycle)
  • giving back to the community by donating to innumerable local schools and charities, and offering free programming to families in the community several times a year
  • supporting social enterprises such as Epic Mart and Inspirations Studio, which give marginalized adults meaningful work

The goal I couldn't achieve was to make a living. The shop was growing slowly but steadily, but 2013 saw a substantial drop in sales that the business couldn't withstand.

I wrap up this chapter of my life with no regrets and great memories. I'll be around, taking workshops myself.

Mary Breen